Volunteer Advocate Lawyer for Animal Abuse Court

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VALAC’s Mission

The Animal Advocacy Program exists as a subsidiary to the Onondaga County Bar Association’s Volunteer Advocate Lawyer for Animal Abuse Court (VALAC) Program. A VALAC is appointed when a criminal abuse case is pending. The role of the VALAC is to be an “animal law guardian,” who is responsible for monitoring the legal status of an abused animal from the moment an appearance ticket has been issued. The VALAC monitors the health and emotional status of the abused animal, and assesses ownership issues; if necessary, the VALAC will seek termination of ownership rights. The VALAC will then provide this information to the Court, the District Attorney’s office, and to the Defense Attorney. We anticipate law students in the Animal Advocacy Program will shadow and assist in each case as the assigned VALAC deems appropriate.

VALAC’s Honors & Recogition

Graduates of VALAC

Important Phone Numbers

Animal Cruelty Hotline: (315) 442-5336
City of Syracuse Dog Control: (315) 473-6608
Syracuse Pit Crew (dog rescue): http://cusepitcrew.org
Dewitt Animal Hospital:
(315) 741-5131
Veterinary Medical Center of CNY:
   (315) 446-7933