Sean Carter Humorist at Law | Double Ethics Seminar

Sean Carter

Friday, October 2nd, 2015 | Second Floor Ballroom

The 2015 Ethy Awards Part One: THE BEST OF THE WORST ETHICS VIOLATIONS | 9:30 – 11:30 am | 2.0 MCLE Ethics & Professionalism

Each year at our annual Ethy Awards, America’s foremost legal humorist recaps the best of the worst ethics violations from the last year.  In doing so, he explains the specific ethics violation, discusses how we can avoid similar outcomes in our practice of law, and awards the Ethy to the “winner” in each of the following categories: The Outlaw(yer) Award (Violations of Rule 8.4 — Misconduct — Criminal Acts) Most Creative Billing (Violations of Rule 1.5 — Fees) The Houdini Award (Violations of Rule 1.15 — Safekeeping property) Best Supporting Actor In a Criminal Enterprise (Violations of Rule 8.4 — Misconduct) The AT&T Award (Violations of Rule 1.4 — Communication) The Joan Rivers Award (Violations of Rule 1.6 — Confidentiality) Least Competent in a Legal Representation (Violations of Rule 1.1 — Competence and Rule 1.3 — Diligence) Best Use of Deception in Legal Marketing (Violations of Rule 7.1 — Advertising, Rule 7.4 — Identification of Practice and Specialty, and Rule 7.5 — Professional Notices, Letterheads and Signs) Worst Love Scene (Violations of Rules 1.7 & 1.8 — Conflicts of Interest) The Lifetime Achievement Award (Amazing compilations of ethics violations by one attorney)

The 2015 Ethy Awards Part Two | LAWYERS BEHAVING BADLY | 1:00 – 3:00 pm | 2.0 MCLE Ethics & Professionalism

In this off-beat “awards” program, America’s funniest lawyer examines attorney misbehavior in light of our obligations to behave professionally and civilly.   Using the New York Rules of Professional Conduct and New York Standards of Civility as guides for appropriate behavior, he will explain where these lawyers went wrong, provide tips to help you avoid being a nominee in the 2016 Ethy Awards, and announce the winners in the following categories: Most Over-animated Courtroom Outburst (Breaches of courtroom decorum) The Pit Bull Award (Vexatious conduct) Worst Legal Strategy (Dubious litigation tactics) Miss (Mister) Uncongeniality (Acts of rudeness and disrespect) The Archie Bunker Award (Exhibiting racial, gender and other biases) Critic’s Choice Award (Improper criticism of judges) Worst Temper in a Non-Legal Setting (Acts of violence outside the practice of law) Most Impaired in a Legal Setting (Using intoxicating substances in the practice of law) Most Impaired in a Non-legal Setting (Substance abuse outside the practice of law) The Hitchcock Award (Misconduct that surprisingly resulted in bar discipline)

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