Top 10 Things Any Lawyer Needs to Know About Employment Rights

2015 Young Lawyers Logo“Law on the Loggia” First in a series of Summer Events to take advantage of the veranda adjacent to the Ballroom at the CNY Philanthropy Center. Hosted by the Young Lawyers Section.

The goal of this CLE is to introduce lawyers, particularly those who are just starting out in their careers, to employment rights. |  Tuesday, July 7 | 4:00 – 5:30 pm | MCLE 1.5 Professional Practice  Second Floor Ballroom | Reception Immediately Following


  1. Just because an employer says a worker is exempt…
  2. What being an “at-will” employee does and does not mean.
  3. What a “hostile workplace” is and is not.
  4. Even though a worker is not a member of a union…
  5. The reason a person leaves a job is key to their eligibility for Unemployment.
  6.  Policy for employer to provide paid sick time and vacation time…
  7. A worker may be eligible for job-protected leave.
  8. Workers have the right to a safe working environment.
  9. Many job-related complaints come with protection from retaliation.
  10. The foregoing nine items only scratch the surface!

Under NYS rules this CLE has been APPROVED for both Newly Admitted and Experienced Attorneys.

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