Help your neighbor! Volunteer Sidewalk Shoveling Opportunities

‘Tis the season, the SNOWY season, that is! Don’t just watch it accumulate, help your neighbor dig out and easily get around town when you join the Westside Walks Volunteer Snow Shoveling brigade.

Volunteers meet every Saturday during the winter season at 11 a.m. at the 610 Gifford Street Community Garden (on Syracuse’s westside).┬áBring a shovel or one will be provided for you, and there should be plenty of parking.

Expect to put in just about 90 minutes (think of the calorie burn!) first shoveling the community garden sidewalks before moving on to corners and bus stops. Remember to dress appropriately and don’t be a hero and go past your limit, if you need to rest while shoveling, well, REST!

This group effort is a partnership of members of the Westside Residents Coalition, Alchemical Nursery and the Syracuse Land Bank.

Need more info? Contact Frank Raymond at (315) 308-1372 or