Request Lawyer Referral

The Onondaga County Bar Association’s LAWYER REFERRAL SERVICE is ONLY for those who are looking to hire and pay for an attorney – we do NOT offer free legal advice, counsel or guidance.

We also reserve the right to deny any caller a referral, for any reason.  We are a service for the benefit of our participating member attorneys and will refer only those situations with a clear, CURRENT legal issue or problem we feel they may be able to resolve.

If we are unable to assist you, there remain MANY other ways you can search for and hire attorneys, including search engines online and in the phone book.

Please use the form to request a lawyer referral to a PRIVATE ATTORNEY WHO WILL ADVISE HOW SHE/HE  WILL CHARGE FOR THEIR SERVICES:

Additionally, if you are seeking “pro bono” (free) legal advice, you can call the Legal Helpline at (877) 777-6152, or visit for information and times for available “Talk to a Lawyer” clinics.

One of our Lawyer Referral Service specialists will respond to your request by the close of the next business day.