When Do You Need a Lawyer?

Timely legal advice can resolve problems or prevent problems from occurring. For example, a lawyer can assist when starting a business or signing a contract that will have a major financial impact. Generally, you will need a lawyer when being sued or charged with a crime.

Consider hiring a lawyer:

  • Before you sign a contract with a major financial impact on you
  • When starting a business, corporation, partnership, or limited liability company (LLC)
  • Before you buy or sell real estate
  • If you are involved in an accident resulting in injury to one or more persons or damage to property
  • When you need to have a will or trust drafted or plan your estate
  • If you are involved in a divorce, domestic relations issue, or an adoption
  • If you are arrested and charged with a crime
  • If you have a lawsuit filed against you or you wish to file a lawsuit against someone else